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Bongman Characters

AKA Bud Goodsinse, is the prototypical mild mannered nobody by day and the Incredible Bong Man the rest of the time. As the comic progresses the readers will learn the unique, and of course half-baked, origin of the hero known as The Incredible Bong Man. Super strong, super smart, super wise, super funny and super high...that is Bong Man.


Roachboy is the latest in a long, great line of comic book sidekicks, though none of his forebearers have 1/10 of his impish charm. Roach Boy has just the right mix of cunning, guile, strength and bad judgement to be a great ally one minute and a terrible hindrance the next. Either way where would Bong Man, or really any of us, be without him?


He is huge, strong, mean and nasty and he wants the Buds of Life at all costs. Bomber Joint is the ring leader of a goofy band of super criminals who want nothing more than to capture the Buds of Life, thereby controlling the world of Bongloadia.


This super villainess harnesses and lets loose the tremendous power of bodily phlegm. Pleghm, aka snot, boogers or lung-butter, can be channeled and shot at a foe at a devastating rate and bowl over an opponent. As well it can be rendered into a hard, almost missile-like substance to hurl or even shot in a funnel like a stream of phlegm powered quick setting concrete. She is gross, nasty and very, very dangerous.


Haly (loosely modeled after one of the creator's sister) is the hipster doofus that this rag tag group of evil doers needs to make sure that the group stays selfish and consequently discombobulated. Beware though, Haly has powers even she does not understand...and probably never will...if only because at heart she is just another dumb valley girl with super powers.


Probably the smelliest, filthiest and maybe the most deadly of Bomber Joint’s band of malcontents. Resin Blob can infiltrate the tightest point of entry or make himself so massive as to block out the sun. Resin Blob is putrid, vile and nasty...but we love him.

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