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“It happened one night that two bored college students, tired of drinking and frat parties, decided to close themselves off for a while from the action and commotion that was going on outside their door. They knew what was going to happen because they had done the very same thing many, many times. All it took was a few good bonghits and they drifted off to a distant land far, far away from the world of reality...a place called Bongloadia!”


The legend of Bongman and his lil pal Roach Boy started with this short paragraph in the classic Bongman #1. This lighthearted introduction literally created a brand new world...Bongloadia!  Bongloadia, where our hero and his silly sidekick routinely tussle with bad guys such as Bomber Joint, Resin Blob, Phlegm Woman and Haly. New stories, including origin issues, and new characters, good and bad, are in the pipeline.


Bongman was the creation of two SDSU undegrads, Kurt and Jed, who apparently had too much time on their hands.  Speaking of hands...did you know the original version of Bongman had a poker in lieu of a hand? The saga of Bongman is just beginning...please join me to see where this fun filled story goes.    

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